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An Introduction to the World of Exploration for Early Readers

Biography for Beginners:
World Explorers

World Explorers

ISBN 978-1-931360-20-3

ISBN 978-1-931360-55-5

Biography for Beginners: World Explorers includes 100 people who have expanded our knowledge of the world. Comprehensive in scope, World Explorers covers figures from ancient adventurers to madern-day astronauts and ocean explorers.

World Explorers reveals the stories of these remarkable people, covering their lives and the nature of their discoveries.


  • Sturdy 8 1/2" x 11" 600-page library bound volume
  • Bold-faced rubrics lead readers to information on the Explorers
  • Written at grade level 4
  • Heavily illustrated with photographs, drawings, and maps
  • Contact sources for additional information, including verified Web sites
  • Easy-to-use indexes
  • Glossary of terms

Available in eBook Format!

You can purchase the eBook version of this title from Follett at www.titlewave.com.


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