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Here's an alphabetical listing of the explorers included in this volume.

Biography for Beginners:
World Explorers

Explorer Years Nationality Accomplishment
Alexander the Great 356 B.C-323 B.C. Macedonian Conquered Northern Africa, Middle East and Northern India
Roald E.G. Amundsen 1872-1928 Norwegian First to reach the South Pole
Neil Armstrong 1930- American First man on the moon
William Baffin 1584-1622 Canadian Explored the Canadian Arctic
Vasco Nunez de Balboa 1475-1519 Spanish Discovered Pacific Ocean
Robert Ballard 1942- American Ocean explorer, Discovered Titanic
Joseph Banks 1743-1820 English Explored the Pacific with Capt. Cook. Named Botany Bay
Willem Barrents 1550?-1597 Dutch Searched for the Northeast Passage
Gertrude Bell 1868-1926 English Archaeologist in Middle East
Benjamin of Tudela 1100s Spanish Traveled to Middle East in search of Jewish communities
Vitus Bering 1681-1741 Danish Explored Siberia and Alaska
Isabella Bird Bishop 1831-1904 English Traveler to Pacific and Asia
Daniel Boone 1734-1820 American Explored trans-Appalachian U.S.
Etiene Brulé 1592?-1632? French Explored North America
Richard Francis Burton 1821-1890 English Explored Middle East and Africa
Richard E. Byrd 1888-1957 American First to fly over the North and South Poles
Explorer Years Nationality Accomplishment
Alvaro Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca 1490?-1556 Spanish Explored Southwest and Mexico
John Cabot 1450?-1499? Italian Discovered Newfoundland
Sebastian Cabot 1476-1557 Italian Explored S. American and Canadian water routes
Pedro Alvares Cabral 1467?-1520 Portuguese Discovered Brazil
Kit Carson 1809-1868 American Explored the Southwest U.S.
Jacques Cartier 1491-1557 French Explored Eastern Canada
Samuel de Champlain 1567-1635 French Explored Eastern Canada and Northeast U.S.
William Clark 1770-1838 American Explored Central and Western U.S.
Christopher Columbus 1451?-1506 Italian Discovered the Americas
James Cook 1728-1779 English Explored the Pacific
Francisco Vasques de Coronado 1510-1554 Spanish Explored the American Southwest
Hernando Cortes 1485-1547 Spanish Conquered Aztecs, Explored Mexico
Jacques Cousteau 1910-1997 French ())Explored the ocean floor
Vasco da Gama 1460?-1524 Portuguese Discovered sea route to East Indies around Africa
Charles Darwin 1809-1882 English Explored the Pacific and S. America
Alexandra David-Neel 1868-1969 French Explored Asia, first woman to enter Lhasa, Tibet
Hernando de Soto 1496?-1542 Spanish Expored Southeastern United States, discovered the Mississippi River
Bartolomew Dias 1450?-1500 Portuguese Explored West Africa, discovered Cape of Good Hope
Sir Francis Drake 1540?-1596 English Sailed around the world, explored California
Explorer Years Nationality Accomplishment
Sylvia Earle 1935- American Explorer of the oceans
Erik the Red 950?-1001? Norwegian First European to reach and settle Greenland
Leif Erikson 980?-1020? Norwegian Discovered Eastern Canada
Faxian 374?-462? Chinese Explored India and Asia
Matthew Flinders 1774-1814 English Circumnavigated Australia
John Franklin 1786-1847 English Explored Northern Canada, Arctic Ocean
Simon Fraser 1776-1862 Canadian Explored Northwest U.S. and Canada
John Charles Frémont 1813-1890 American Explored and mapped western U.S.
Martin Frobisher 1540?-1594 English Explored NE Canada
Yuri Gagarin 1934-1968 Russian First man in space
John Glenn 1921- American First American to orbit the Earth
Hanno 500 BC? Carthaginian Explored Africa
Sven Anders Hedin 1865-1952 Swedish Mapped regions of Asia
Louis Hennipin 1626-1705 Belgian Explored Mississippi
Henry the Navigator 1394-1460 Portuguese Explored West Africa
Matthew Henson 1866-1955 American African-American explorer, traveled to the North Pole with Robert E. Peary
Herodotus 484?BC-420? Greek Explored Asia and N. Africa
Hsuan Tsang 600-664 Chinese Traveded to Asia and India
Henry Hudson ?-1611 English Explored northern Canada
Alexander von Humboldt 1769-1859 German Naturalist, explored Mexico and S. America
Explorer Years Nationality Accomplishment
Ibn Battuta 1304-1368? Arab Explored Middle East, Asia, and Africa
Mae Jemison 1956- American First African-American woman to travel in space
Louis Jolliet 1645-1700 French Explored the Mississippi River
Mary Henrietta Kingsley 1862-1900 English Explored Africa
Rene Robert Cavelier de La Salle 1643-1687 French Explored Mississippi, Great Lakes
Leo Africanus 1494?-1554? Arab Explored Sub-Saharan Africa
Meriwether Lewis 1774-1809 American Explored Central and Western U.S.
David Livingstone 1813-1873 Scottish Explored Central and Southern Africa
Alexander MacKenzie 1764-1820 Scottish Explored Northwest Canada
Ferdinand Magellan 1480?-1521 Portuguese Circumnavigated the globe
Jacques Marquette 1637-1675 French Explored Great Lakes and Mississippi
Fridtjof Nansen 1861-1930 Norwegian Explored the Arctic Ocean and Greenland
Adolf Erik Nordenskiold 1832-1901 Swedish-Finnish Explored the Arctic and proved the Northeast Passage existed
Francisco de Orellana 1511?-1546 Spanish First European to navigate the Amazon River
Explorer Years Nationality Accomplishment
Mungo Park 1771-1806 Scottish Explored the niger river in Africa
William Edward Parry 1790-1855 English Arctic Explorer
Robert E. Peary 1856-1920 American Arctic Explorer
Ida Pfeiffer 1797-1858 Austrian Travelled around the world alone, twice
The Phoenicians      
Zebulon Pike 1779-1813 American Explored the Rocky Mountains
Francisco Pizarro 1475-1541 Spanish Conquered Peru and Ecuador
Marco Polo 1254?-1324 Italian/Venetian Explored Asia, east to west
Juan Ponce de León 1460?-1521 Spanish Discovered Florida, founded settlement in Puerto Rico
John Wesley Powell 1834-1902 American Explored the Grand Canyon, Colorado River
Ptolemy 100 A.D.?-165 A.D.? Greek Mathematician, astronomer, mapmaker
Pytheas 345 B.C.?-300 B.C.? Greek Earliest explorer of Northern Europe
Sir Walter Raleigh 1554?-1618 English Explored Mid-Atlantic U.S., 1st English settlement in U.S.
Sally Ride 1951- American 1st US woman in space
James Clark Ross 1800-1862 English Explored Antarctica
Explorer Years Nationality Accomplishment
Sacajawea 1788?-1812? Native American/Shoshone Led Lewis and Clark in exploring Central and Western U.S.
Robert Falcon Scott 1868-1912 English Explored Antarctica
Ernest H. Shackleton 1874-1922 Anglo-Irish Explored Antarctica
May French Sheldon 1847-1936 American Explored Africa
Alan Shepard 1923-1998 American First American in space
John Hanning Speke 1827-1864 English Explored Africa, discovered source of the Nile
Henry M. Stanley 1841-1904 Welsh-American Explored and settled colonies in Africa
Abel Janszoon Tasman 1603-1659 Dutch Discovered Tasmania, New Zealand, Fiji; geographic ID of Australia
Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova 1937- Russian First woman in space
David Thompson 1770-1857 English Explored Western Canada, Columbia River, important mapmaker
George Vancouver 1757-1798 English Explored Northwest Canada and U.S.
Giovanni de Verrazzano 1485?-1528? Italian Explored Atlantic coast, discovered New York Bay, mouth of the Hudson
Amerigo Vespucci 1451?-1512 Italian Explored coastal S. America, disproved Columbus's claim to have reached Asia
The Vikings      
Alfred Russel Wallace 1823-1913 English Naturalist and explorer of the Amazon and SE Asian islands
Francis Xavier 1506-1552 Spanish Missionary who traveled to India, Indonesia, Japan and China
Xenophon (428 BC?-355 BC? Greek Led soldiers through W. Asia
Zheng He 1371-1433? Chinese Led sea voyages to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa


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