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Biography for Beginners: Inventors


Inventor Accomplishment
Archimedes Invented the Archimedean screw
Leo Baekeland Inventor of Bakelite, the first plastic
Frederick Banting Discoverer of insulin
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor of the telephone
Karl Benz Inventor of the gasoline-powered automobile
Tim Berners-Lee Inventor of the World Wide Web
Henry Bessemer Inventor of the Steel Converter
Clarence Birdseye Inventor of the frozen food process
Katharine Blodgett Inventor of Non-Reflective Glass
Louis Braille Inventor of the Braille system of writing for the blind
Rachel Brown Co-Creator of the first antifungal antibiotic
William Burroughs Inventor of the adding machine
W.H. Carothers Inventor of Nylon
Willis H. Carrier Inventor of air conditioning
George Washington Carver Inventor, Farmer, and Food Scientist
Jacques Cousteau Inventor of SCUBA Diving Equipment
Seymour Cray Inventor of the supercomputer
Inventor Accomplishment
Leonardo Da Vinci Developed early designs for the airplane, helicopter, parachute, and bicycle
Gottlieb Daimler Inventor of the motorcycle, and pioneer in gasoline engines
George De Maestral Inventor of VELCRO
John Deere Inventor of the steel plow
Rudolf Diesel Inventor of the diesel engine
Herbert Henry Dow Pioneer in chemicals for industry
George Eastman Inventor of rolled photographic film and the hand-held camera
Thomas Alva Edison Inventor of over 1,000 items, including the carbon filament light bulb, the phonograph, and the movie projector
Gertude Bell Elion Invented cancer drugs
Daniel Fahrenheit Inventor of the Fahrenheit temperature scale
Philo Farnsworth Inventor of electronic television
Alexander Fleming Discoverer of penicillin
Henry Ford Automotive pioneer, invented the moving assembly line
Benjamin Franklin Inventor of the lighting rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove
Robert Fulton Developer of the high-pressure steam engine
Inventor Accomplishment
Galileo Galilei Mathematician and inventor of the thermometer
Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft and software pioneer
King Gillette Inventor of the safety razor
Robert Goddard Inventor of the liquid fuel rocket
Gordon Gould Inventor of the laser
Temple Grandin Inventor of devices for humane livestock treatment
Wilson Greatbatch Inventor of the Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker
Johannes Gutenberg Inventor of the printing press using movable type
Elizabeth Lee Hazen Co-Creator of the Fisrt Anti-Fungal Antibiotic
Elias Howe Inventor of the sewing machine
Edward Jenner Pioneer in smallpox vaccination
Steven Jobs Co-Founder of Apple computer
Dean Kamen Inventor of the iBot and the Segway
W.K. Kellogg Inventor of corn flakes
Willem Kolff Inventor of the Kidney Dialysis Machine
Stepanie Kwolek Inventor of Kevlar
Inventor Accomplishment
Rene Laennec Inventor of the stethoscope
Edwin Land Inventor of instant photography
Jerome Lemelson Inventor of over 500 products
Joseph Lister Pioneered antiseptic surgery
Guglielmo Marconi Inventor of successful long-distance transmission of radio
Cyrus McCormick Inventor of the mechanical reaper
Elijah McCoy Inventor of the automatic oil cup (for railroad locomotives)
Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier Inventors of the first practical hot air balloon
Garrett Morgan Inventor of the two-way traffic signal and the gas mask
Samuel F.B. Morse Inventor of the first practical electric telegraph and Morse Code
Isaac Newton Inventor of the reflecting telescope and calculus
Alfred Nobel Inventor of dynamite
Ellen Ochoa Inventor of optical systems
Louis Pasteur Inventor of Pasteurization
Roy J. Plunkett Inventor of Teflon
Wilhelm Roentgen Inventor of the x-ray machine
Inventor Accomplishment
Jonas Salk Developed the first polio vaccine
Patsy Sherman Inventor of Scotchgard
Christopher Sholes Inventor of the First Practical Typewriter and the "QWERTY" Keyboard
Igor Sikorsky Inventor of the helicopter
Percy L. Spencer Inventor of the microwave oven
George Stephenson Pioneer of the successful steam-powered railroad locomotive
Levi Strauss Inventor of blue jeans
Nikola Tesla Inventor of the induction motor and applications for alternating current (AC)
Alessandro Volta Inventor of the battery
James Watt Inventor of an improved steam engine
George Westinghouse Inventor of air brakes
Eli Whitney Inventor of the cotton gin
Frank Whittle Inventor of the jet propulsion system
Steve Wozniak Co-Founder of Apple computer
Orville and Wilbur Wright Inventors of the first aircraft capable of powered, sustained controlled flight
Vladimir Zworykin Pioneer in the field of Electronic Television


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