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A Unique Presidential Reference for Early Readers

Biography for Beginners:
Presidents of the United States

Presidents of the U.S.

ISBN 978-1-931360-45-6

ISBN 978-1-931360-50.0

Now in its 3rd Edition

The third edition of this award-winning volume provides complete biographies of all the Presidents, written at a level early readers can comprehend. Each presidential biography includes information on birth, youth, education, presidency, and marriage and family. Each is heavily illustrarted with paintings, drawings, and photographs gathered from the Library of Congress and Presidential Libraries.

This edition features several important updates:

  • New entry on Barack Obama, the 44th President
  • Revised entry on George W. Bush, covering all eight years of his Presidency
  • Revised entry on Ronald Reagan, including information about his death and legacy
  • Revised entry on Gerald Ford, including information about his death and legacy
  • Revised entry on Bill Clinton, featuring infomation about Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Presidential nomination

In addition, all the Appendicies have been updated and revised, including:

  • The Presidents' Term of Office
  • The Presidents' Personal Lives
  • The Presidents in Their Own Times--Historic Timeline of the United States


  • Sturdy 8 ½" x 11" 485-page library bound volume
  • Bold-faced rubrics lead readers to information on the Presidents' lives
  • Heavily illustrated
  • Written at grade level 4
  • Contact sources for additional information on each President, including web sites
  • Three appendices: Terms of Office, Personal and Family Information, and Historic Timeline
  • Easy-to-use Subject Index, Places of Birth Index, and Birthday Index
  • Glossary of Terms

Available in eBook Format!

You can purchase the eBook version of this title from Follett at www.titlewave.com.


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