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Biography for Beginners



"Biography for Beginners will be useful in elementary school library media centers and public libraries"--Booklist

"Written especially for young readers, this unique series offers biographical sketches on people of current interest to children ... Each biographical sketch features a current photograph, a quote, and from five to seven pages of easy-to-read information."--The Maibox

"Designed for readers ages 6 through 9, the series is presented in a format that can easily be read and enjoyed."--Curriculum Administrator

Librarians' Comments

"Well thought-out and beautifully, masterfully presented."--Mary Lynne Rowe, Abel, GA

"These are the best thing in elementary biographies."--Carrol Grabill, Wyoming, MI

"We appreciate the authors, illustrators and important people in today's world. Thank you for the quality we find in your publication as well as the 'stuff' that gets the kids' attention."
--Leona Chereshnaski, Adams Center, NY

"I can't keep these on the shelf! They're great! Kids love these books. They are checked out all the time!"--Kathy Wright, Mays, IN

"Best biography series!!"--Carolyn Malden, Oakland, NJ

"The selection of people included is wonderfully varied, the reading level and length of sketches is exactly right, and the layout and typography are easy on the eyes and easy to read."--Dian McCraken, Ft. Knox, KY

"I also want you to know that your publications absolutely save the day for those of us under limited budgets! Our elementary students frequently ask for books about current 'stars' and public figures. We simply can't afford to keep up with purchasing individual biographies of all these people--especially when pop culture changes so rapidly."
--Deb Johnson, Omaha, NE

"I absolutely love the series, Biography for Beginners. It meets the needs of my student population better than any other product out there! Keep up the good work!"
--Pat Milenkowic, East Stroudsburg, PA

"The series is a wonderful tool to teach beginning research skills, and it has people the kids have heard of!"--Debbie Morand, Scottsdale, AZ


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