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FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online FAQs


When will the online version of FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online be available?

The complete online database is available now, and can be previewed at any time.

Are free trials available?

You can get a free trial of the database by contacting Susan Gall at the Lincoln Library: sgall@thelincolnlibrary.com

What’s included?

What does a subscription to FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online include?

The online database includes all 700+ profiles from all our books to date: 17 years of Biography for Beginners and all special volumes: Presidents of the U.S. 3rd Edition, World Explorers, All Authors, Inventors, African-American Leaders Vol. 1 and 2, Colonial America and the Revolutionary War, and  Women Who Made a Difference.

What does it look like?

The online version of Biography for Beginners looks very much like the print version. The type size is still the same, and all photos and illustrations also appear in the online version, this time in color! The narrative portions of the Colonial America volume are also appearing in the database, along with Glossaries and Timelines.

What about search features?

FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online   features clean screen designs and allows young researchers to search by name, keyword, and category. Entries are searchable alphabetically or by subject.

Does it have read-along capability?

Yes! As of September 2014 a read-along feature is available for every entry in FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online.

Don’t forget to get a free trial subscription so you can test the search functions and read-along features.

Updates and New Entries

Have the entries from previous volumes been updated?

Yes! This is one of the most exciting aspects of the online database. All necessary updates to existing profiles have been completed. We will also add updates throughout the year.

New Entries: We plan to add around 15 new entries each year to the database. We will be using the same selection criteria we’ve used in the past for the regular subscription series. That way, we can continue to include recent people in all fields, from popular music to politics to sports to children’s authors. And we still value your input on who we cover, so please continue to send your suggestions to me at: laurieh@favimp.com


How much does a subscription to FactCite: Biography for Beginners cost?

A one-year subscription costs $104 per year per building.


The $104 subscription price includes all computers in a building, whether in the library or a classroom. It also includes remote access so that students can access the database from home.


Are you offering additional discounts for district-wide purchases?

Yes, discounts for district-wide purchases are available. Please contact Susan Gall at the Lincoln Library for discount information: sgall@thelincolnlibrary.com


Who will be handling fulfillment, billing, and payment?

All fulfillment, billing, and payment for FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online will be handled by The Lincoln Library Press. Their contact information is:

Lincoln Library Press, Inc.
812 Huron Road E. Suite 401
Cleveland, OH 44115-1172 USA
To order by phone:  1-800-516-2656
Fax: (216) 781-9559
Web site:  www.thelincolnlibrary.com


Is Favorable Impressions still selling print books?

Yes! We will continue to sell print versions of all of our titles They are in stock and available for shipment. Please use the order on our site here, or call us at 248-544-2421 to order.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to call me at 248-544-2421 or email me at laurieh@favimp.com any time with questions, comments about the product, or any other ideas you might have about our publications.