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FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online

Complete Content in One Resource

FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online contains more than 600 profiles from all of our publications. This includes all 17 years of Biography for Beginners as well as the special volumes: Biography for Beginners: Presidents of the U.S., World Explorers, All Authors, Inventors, African-American Leaders, Vols. 1 and 2, Colonial America and the Revolutionary War, and Women Who Made a Difference.

Updated Regularly, with New Entries Each Year.

All existing profiles have been updated and further updates will be made throughout the year. We are also adding approximately 15 new entries each year, following the format, content, and selection criteria used to prepare the previous Biography for Beginners print subscription.

User-Friendly Interface

FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online features clean screen designs that will allow young researchers to search by name, keyword, and category. The narrative history sections, which were included in the print special volumes, are accessible, along with Appendices, Glossaries, and Timelines. Entries are searchable alphabetically or by subject, and feature extensive cross-referencing.

Only $99 Per Year

FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online is sold as a subscription product and is priced at $99 per year per building, with onsite and remote access.

How to Order

FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online is available exclusively from The Lincoln Library Press. You can order this product by contacting The Lincoln Library (www.thelincolnlibrary.com, 800-516-2656, or sgall@thelincolnlibrary.com). They will help you set up your account, user name and password, and determine billing and payment options.